Tips for Choosing a Real Estate Agent

27 Nov


Whether you intend to buy or sell property, a real estate agent can guide you through the process. But how should you pick one?

Professional Experience

Aside from knowing how long they've been in the business, you'd like to know how experienced they are with buyers who have similar needs as you. Also take note of the difference between a part-time agent and one who's in the job full-time. Surely, the latter will be able to provide a level of service that the former cannot. This is a very natural expectation. Know more about ponte vedra realty here!

Areas and Property Types

Neighborhood markets can have unique quirks, so you have to choose an agent who has expertise in your target area, whether you'll be buying or selling property. There are also property types that need a particular specialty, like historic homes requiring agents to be knowledge about probable restrictions. If this will be your first home purchase, pick an agent who usually works newbie buyers like you and can patiently guide you from start to end.


A communication gap that spans mere hours can mean the difference between an excellent deal and an opportunity thrown down the drain. Hence, pick an agent who returns your calls, texts or emails in a timely manner.


It's always good to interview prospective agents at, and so is talking to sellers and buyers they've worked with before.

This gets rid of the self-promotion business people are obliged to do, and offers a clear idea of how your relationship with the agent will likely play out. At the same time, you also want to know what percentage of their business comes from referrals or repeat business. If the agent usually works on referrals or repeat business, that's a sign that they're doing something great.


Buyers don't pay commissions directly in most cases, but sellers do and how much you have to pay will be different from agent to agent. In any case, always ask for a breakdown of your estimated costs for closing. If it fits your market, agents may throw in staging for free or shoulder your moving expenses, but be sure to compare apples to apples. If an agent charges cheap, make sure the quality of their services will not suffer. For further details regarding real estate, go to

The above considerations can be helpful in your search for an agent, but in the end, you have to listen to your gut. There are so many agents nowadays and they have varying styles and personalities; take time to find the right one for you.

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