Advantages of Using a Realty Group for Your property

27 Nov

A Realty group is a company that builds or buys properties and sells to investors as rental units  Realty group act as agents for investors since they are responsible for finding tenants and renting out the investors property. For their work of finding tenants, Phyllis Frankel Realty Group get a portion of the monthly income for taking care of the property as well as find tenant.  In essence most Realty Group act as property managers for investors.

Property managers manage property owned by another entity or party.


Property management companies know the right price for renting a house.   By conducting market research, they ensure that the property they are managing is tandem with the current market standards in an area.   They are also keen to ensure that the property maintains low vacancy.

They also collect and deposit rent on time.  Phyllis Frankel Realty Group are very effective when it comes to rent collection.  This is important if you are to maintain a steady cash flow.

property management companies are experts when it comes to advertising and marketing properties.  Property management companies know how to create awareness for the properties they are managing. property management companies know what makes a property stand out from the rest of the properties and they use this as a pitch for renting property.

Managing tenants can be an uphill task requiring experts who are knowledge in dealing with tenants. Managing tenants requires skill which the landlord may not necessarily have.  They are able to conduct background checks and can detect criminal history while interacting with clients.

Property management companies' act as a go between landlords and tenants and are best places to solve issues arising. various issues can arise between a landlord and a tenant and they can include scheduled maintenance, repairs and inspection.

  property management companies are available throughout the tenancy period of a tenant and are available to handle emergency situations. Know more about real estate at

Property management companies also have relationship with supplies.

property management companies know the various legal requirements concerning property management.  As a landlord, you can easily be sued if you do not comply with property management laws.

 one significant advantage property management companies have is their knowledge of vast investments in a given area. Most of the work as an investor has been done for you and you simply make the decision to invest or not to invest.

Property management companies also help to ensure that you make the most out of your profit by minimizing on losses and maximizing on profit.

Property management companies offer advice to investors and therefore help them make more informed choices.

Property management companies can also come in to sell your property in the event you are in need of quick cash.Property management companies can hep you get a buyer for your property when you are ready to sell.

By managing your properties you are free to explore other investment opportunities.

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